What distinguishes Advantage Cleaning Services?
Our maids are professionally trained, courteous, prompt and friendly. During our cleanings, we pay close attention to the overall picture and the finer details, trying our best to exceed your expectations through top-quality work and customer service.

What is included in the house cleaning?
Our maids are prepared to give you exceptional service. This certificate entitles you to a general cleaning, or routine cleaning. That includes cleaning of the bathtubs/shower, toilets and sinks; making the beds; wiping down reachable ceiling fans; and sweeping/mopping, vacuuming, etc. This cleaning does not include cleaning the blinds, inside of your oven or refrigerator, or cleaning of your baseboards. These services are an additional charge, which will need to be scheduled separately for a follow-up visit (but at a reduced rate). As all home sizes vary, we ask that you include your main areas of concern in the comments section when you schedule your cleaning. Also upon the Maid's arrival, please tell her which areas of your home need the most attention so that we can complete the job to your satisfaction within the two-hour time window. Please note: We cannot guarantee that your entire home will be cleaned within the two-hour time frame (the number of hours varies depending on which cleaning package you purchased).

Which supplies do you provide?
We provide commercial-grade house cleaning supplies, which you can find at most grocery stores and supermarkets. If you have any special needs or allergies (especially to pet dander), we suggest that you provide the vacuum as we do service homes with pets. For general cleanings, we do not supply specialized supplies such as granite counter-top cleaner, marble cleaner, grout cleaner, etc...

When can I redeem my certificate?
You can schedule your cleaning any time after the voucher is purchased. You MUST have a valid certificate number in order to schedule your cleaning. Please note, we will not confirm any cleanings without a valid certificate number. 

Please note: the first availability is at least two-to-five business days from today. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays appointments might be available immediately. Weekend appointments tend to fill up quickly. We are closed on Sundays and holidays.

What are the time frames?
Our maid will arrive between one of the following time frames which you select:

Morning 8:30a.m. - noon
Midday Noon - 4 p.m.

Please note: Your maid will arrive between the hours listed above. This does not mean she will arrive at 9 a.m. and finish at noon.  Due to the large number of cleanings we provide weekly, we cannot call you when the housekeeper is on her way.

How many certificates can I purchase?
This offer is valid for one certificate per household (under 2,000 square feet). You may buy multiple certificates as gifts, but we can only service your home with this offer ONE TIME.

I purchased multiple cleaning certificates. Can I schedule them all up front?
Certainly! One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

What if my home is larger than 2,000 square feet?
Most homes larger than 2,000 square feet require additional time to complete the cleaning. We charge $35.00 per additional hour (additional time must be scheduled in advance). We cannot guarantee that your entire home will be cleaned in the number of hours purchased.

What's your cancellation policy?
All appointments that are not canceled within 48 hours of the appointment time are subject to a $25 CANCELLATION FEE. Please call us in advance to reschedule.

What if I have pets?
Although we adore pets, we kindly ask that you put your furry loved ones, particularly dogs, in an area away from the housekeeper. We reserve the right to refuse a cleaning if the pets become an issue for the maid.

How many Maids are coming?
One (1) maid. If more than one maid shows up, each maid counts for one hour's worth of service.

How long will the cleaning take?
Because each home is unique, it is hard to determine exactly how long your cleaning will take. Normally, apartments (under 1,000  square feet) and small town homes (up to 2,000 square feet) take about two to four hours for a standard cleaning. Single-family homes take about three to five hours depending on square footage. If your house is more than 2,000 square feet, general cleaning for a home in good condition would take about four to six hours for one housekeeper. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that your entire home will be cleaned in two hours.

How much is it for more than two hours of cleaning?
Our discounted rate for Groupon clients who exceed the time frame is $35 per hour. Please note that this rate is lower than our regular rate

What if she finishes before the time allotted?
Our General Cleaning Certificates are designed to be about value. Though it is rare that the cleaning would take much less than two hours, if the maid finishes the general cleaning in less than two hours, she will focus on details of the other areas (making beds, dusting ceiling fans, etc.)

Are your Maids licensed, bonded, insured, legal, English speaking?
Yes! All of the above! Our professional staff is highly trained and all have worked in the cleaning industry for many years. When Advantage Cleaning Services is in your home, your valuables are safe.

I just had some construction work done on my home, and there's debris everywhere. Can you get rid of the dry wall and construction dust?
This Groupon certificate is for general cleanings only. It does not include post-construction cleanup, move-outs or move-ins. Though we will pay attention to special areas,  we cannot provide post-construction cleaning, or any other intensive cleaning. Additionally, our maid cannot lift anything more than 20 pounds...

  • This Groupon discount-cleaning offer is valid for six months only.
  • One certificate includes one maid for two hours of general housecleaning.
  • If your home is not in a suitable condition, we reserve the right to decline the cleaning.
  • Please put your pets away during the cleaning.
  • We cannot call you when the maid is en route.
  • We do not supply specialized cleaning products (we provide commercial-grade cleaning supplies).
  • If you have allergies, especially to pets, please allow us to use your vacuum.
  • If you need to cancel your cleaning, please call us 48 hours in advance.
  • Housekeepers are not allowed to lift, push or move anything more than 20 pounds.
  • We will not remove excessive amounts of trash (one-to-two kitchen-size trash bags is average).
  • We cannot move your furniture to clean behind it.
  • The purpose of this offer is to provide you with an introductory cleaning. We suggest subsequent cleanings for more detailed work, which are offered at a discounted rate!
  • In cases of emergencies, or the maid gets lost, we will call you immediately. Please provide us with your mobile number
  • We are closed on Sundays and major holidays (our phone lines have limited coverage on Saturdays)

Please note, we reserve the right to refuse a cleaning if your home is not in good condition.

Feel free to email us with any questions at info@CleanAtlanta.com

We look forward to servicing your home!

Which geographic areas do you service?
We service metro Atlanta, but no farther than 15 miles outside of the perimeter. Please refer to the list of ZIP codes at the bottom of this page. Please note that if your area code is not listed and you live within 15 miles of the I-285 Perimeter, kindly email us to confirm. We reserve the right to refuse any cleaning request outside of the published coverage area.

Zip codes and Areas covered:

Cover Areas
30004 Alpharetta
30005 Alpharetta
30009 Alpharetta
30022 Alpharetta
30023 Alpharetta
30026 Duluth
30029 Duluth
30095 Duluth
30096 Duluth
30097 Duluth
30098 Duluth
30099 Duluth
30005 Johns Creek
30022 Johns Creek
30024 Johns Creek
30097 Johns Creek
30004 Milton
30009 Milton
30075 Roswell
30076 Roswell
30077 Roswell
30328 Dunwoody
30342 Dunwoody
30350 Dunwoody
30358 Dunwoody
30338 Sandy Springs
30346 Sandy Springs
30356 Sandy Springs
30360 Sandy Springs

Gwinnett County
30340 Doraville
30360 Doraville
30362 Doraville
30026 Duluth
30029 Duluth
30095 Duluth
30096 Duluth
30097 Duluth
30098 Duluth
30099 Duluth
30042 Lawrenceville
30043 Lawrenceville
30044 Lawrenceville
30045 Lawrenceville
30046 Lawrenceville
30049 Lawrenceville
30047 Liburn
30048 Liburn
30003 Norcross
30010 Norcross
30071 Norcross
30091 Norcross
30092 Norcross
30093 Norcross
30078 Snellville

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